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to some one i call mom

I know its Christmas

And it’s cold out there

Burn me my kids

Let the flames give you warmth…


Unfinished business

Darkness prevails
Over life
Over mind
Pathetic souls drenched in fear
Running around in dreamy eyes
For he has risen
Taught by devil in person
Inside the dark doors of Scholomance
Where the devil claims the tenth as his due
The bravest of the sons
Of the land beyond the forest
His three brides follow suit
Screams and smell of garlic fill the air……..

My Angel

An unlikely angel
Yeah, that’s who she was
Draped in black
Like a looming darkness
The wings hidden from the world
Or were they cut away?
The halo had lost its shine
Like just another thing that “was”
Held tight in her soft hands
A pen in the other
Where a wand should be
An unlikely angel
Yeah, that’s who she was.

Warned you what a peg of whiskey can do :)..