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Come , impress me..


I am an Xbox-fanboi.Even after numerous visits to the Sony world’s and playing like 20 hours with friends , i am still to like the PS3.Yes , the console looks sleek and embeds the best in there . After all its Sony. But the obvious reasons for me to reject were two :

1.It was around 40,000 first time around and i didn’t think it was worth that. Its 24,000 now.

2.I didn’t like the controller.Something about it was not so catchy. I consider my xbox controller and eye-candy.

Many gaming franchises have opted out of the PS3 platform and  it gave me another reason  not to go for it. The main reason for this blog is something else.;)

Sony is trying to woo the gaming fraternity in India with ” Playstation Experience ’08 ‘  . And well , this time around , its in Bangalore. Apologies if there were any before , coz i never heard of any.Am gonna be there as it is a weekend.

Venue: Kormangala Indoor Stadium

Dates : 15th and 16th of November