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i don’t care

No .Don’t tell me they are gonna change it again . I am talking about the Solar system. Being some one who never read a paper for an year or so and checked them only if Kimi made the pole position or if Sharapova made to a new ad , Pluto dropping out of the planetary system was a new news till 4 weeks back .And at the worst time , when the quiz master at a local KBC asked me many a times ” Are you sure Manu ?” .You still have a lifeline.I still remember one of my friends , in the 1st grade, who had to stand out of the class under the blazing sun because he couldn’t name all the 9 ** do you see . NINE .Nove **planets.Damn !

Fuck them , some scientists are back on the move to change Pluto’s ” plutoid ” status to ” Planet ” . You guys owe me a Diary milk chocolate and a 1250Rs coupon of Crossword .Bastards !.

I DON’T CARE !.Do what you want .Phew , i am still thinking of the kid who was writing a Science paper after he read the day’s newspaper .

Q 3 : How many planets are there in the Solar System ?

Ans : 9 for a mark ; or 8 coz you read the paper .

I still remember a situation when i head that some one proved Electrons don’t exist.What will happen to all the drift and electron movement which made that polarity change and fuckign what not.