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No more Top 100’s and 50’s

As an avid reader of the TechCrunch blog and its sub-blogs , it was an interesting day today when Michael Arrington blogged about the’s Top 100 – an Iconic list of ” unforgettable ” people. The list didn’t digg in for half the way. Though some of them were seemingly obvious.Gates , Jobs , Woods and some more . And a lone Indian- SRK ** compared him to Brad pitt and they sure are to suffer my sis’s wrath**

Arrington in the top 100 in the whole wide world ?.As some one pointed out , if these are all remarkable people with outstanding feats to their name which will make them ” unforgettable” , i better stop looking for these Top 100’s and 50’s.” The large man always on the verge of losing his cool ” will be forgotten , no hard feelings  Micheal**like he reads this ** . Thats the truth.