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2 pac

I am not a fan of rap or hiphop other than for eminem or shinoda !. But 2 pac is one of the best creative geniuses ever to grace the earth . This I say from the bottom of my heart . RIP


One llama


Well , its been a while i have used it and it still remains one of the best clutter free on-line radio stations .The interface is simple and that’s the way most of us want. No bull-shit . Only a link to My favourites at the bottom , a cliched Account tab and well , here goes the screenie… Got an invite from TC a while back and found it to be pretty good . Its a closed beta and the only complain i had was that it had only 1 invite !.I have more friends . 🙂

Want an invite?..Just let me know .


Presenting :

Mikey Wax – Another Youtube find

Youtube has been doing its share of promoting singers giving them a platform to release their music and they have been pretty good at it . Look at Marie Digbie ( she is adorable ) and that girl who sung Tears in heaven ( Though she destroyed it with the unnecessary pitch changes and added sensuality ) . Mikey Wax is a singer/Song writer from NY . He has been releasing bits and pieces of music in youtube from some time. And when he added me in youtube , i wondered why. I sent him a message stating he had a good voice and all that . And to that he replied . That was un-expected since the golden rule says ” THEY DON’T REPLY ” . And hence i made it a point to make him recognized among the crowd of music lovers i know . Yeah , with a price . That i would claim I am his friend . 🙂

A heavenly voice which has a certain soothing effect and well yeah ..he is handsome ..Aint we searching for some one who can replace John Mayer ?..He is the answer ..

If you like his music , go buy it here .

Album : Change again
Singer : Mikey Wax

Tracklist :
1 Slow Motion
2 In Case I Go Again
3 Hourglass (Time Will Find a Way)
4 Twisted Fate
5 Yes
6 Love Light (Triad)
7 Change Your Mind
8 With You Goes
9 Last Great Song
10 Cedars Bay
11 Nice to Meet You
12 Taxi Driver
13 Wait By the Door


I wonder sometimes why the best of talented musicians end up so un-noticed and remain underrated. Muse is one perfect example for this. Its been a while since they have been making some awesome music and its high time they get the appreciation they deserve. What else is there when the bands who are to perform along them consider it a privilege to be there. The best situation was when the Killers were launched in MTV awards and bagged the best album that year . As I remember , they were a little stunned to have it when muse was with the nominations.

And bands like Nirvana and Slipknot are so-so overrated.