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There comes a point where obsession towards someone can go out of hand . One such case is my sister . She adores Shashi Kapoor to an extend only she knows . Yeah , Dharmendra too .

But Shashi Kapoor has always been one of my favs too and i am adding a few of his few songs. This is for a friend who tries to cement the fact that i don’t like hindi songs. I used to and as another commented ” you were not for this gen my dear. you got delayed . Blame God ”


Dude , WTF ?

Abhay Deol

Time for my opinions on movies which many consider weird .
I still feel that Abhay Deol is one of the most underrated actors now in Bollywood. He has grown from his first film for which I wanted to kill him 😉

The two releases lined up :


Oye Lucky Lucky Oye

Kungfu Panda – The secrets of the Furious five

We all have seen Jack Black in his recent hit : Kungfu Panda . Now comes the sequel of sorts : This short animation is about Master Po teaching Kung Fu to a group of young bunnies.It tells the story of each of the Furious Five, and a virtue that each has learned through Kung Fu. The bunnies are cute and the way they pester Jack is so cute 😉

If you loved the original , you would love this for sure. Jaycee chan rightfully replacing Jackie as his younger self . 🙂

A friend sent the movie and it was adorable !.Just like the original .

Caught or not ?

Raaz .. The mystery continues .. The trailers of which hit the small screen yesterday ( I saw it only it yesterday.Period.).

He has a gift ..He can see her future ..and guess what..” he paints “..Emraan Hashmi playing the role of an artist ( phew ) who can see the future ?. .Haven’t we seen this somewhere ?

Isaac Mendez anyone ?

Here goes the trailer :

Bond didn’t BOND well

A big Letdown – ’nuff said.

NB : ” The bigger cause was not revealed ” – Maya Nair ** who happens to be my sister.

Quantum of Solace

User reviews out for the movie released exclusively in UK on 31st Oct. 😦

I felt as though the action, acting and cinematography are of a high standard, however the story line was a little unfocused. There was a lack of substance to the script and nothing really lead onto the next scene, a very scattered story line with too many characters in such a small space of time. Craig played Bond as brutal as in Casino Royale, which I felt needed to be reverted back to the smooth Bond previously seen in the series. The only characteristics of the movie that could class it as a Bond movie are the names of the characters; no Q, no Bond cars, no real evil villain. We’ve had Bond finding himself in Casino, now let him be Bond and not Bourne.

Source : imdb

Lu-tenant or lef-tenant

Me and my sis always had and will have disagreements over the pronunciations of almost every word.And the one word we fight most about is stated above – Lieutenant . I blame it on the Brits for the lef-tenant part of the pronunciation. Interestingly , I was watching one of old favourites – Where Eagles Dare.

There comes a scene where Burton ( a British soldier ) repeatedly calls Eastwood ( an American mercenary )   by his rank. And the best part is where he pronounces it both ways- Lef-tenant and Lu-tenant. This was enough to give us ( me and my sis ) a chuckle.

Well , that said , “Where Eagles Dare ” is one of the best war-scene-extraction-sort of a movie. With dramatic moments that make you wonder what’s next , its a treat to watch.

Nov 7 – double bonanza

Just when I was running out of ideas to get that DVD of Gears Of War 2 , I thought of giving it a shot in my fav computer store – Glasgow computers. Run by a nice fellow , with folks helping you in decide the next good thing.

9:50 am :

I enter the shop and see him reciting Koran and hence stay away from the counter trying not to disturb him .Gets the DVD of Dead Space ( I hate EA..still ) . ” Din find anything else interesting in there ?”. Asks him . ” yeah , would love to have my hands on GOW2 . Its releasing on …”. Couldn’t complete it when he started “Nov 7. Next friday. Will keep a copy for you if you need.”

State of Mind : Exhilarated.

Quantum Of Solace is releasing on 7th as well . Its been a while something like this turned up ;).