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Matthew Reilly Rocks ~!

Australian born author , Matthew Reilly unarguably rocks. It’s been just months since i have been reading his books. Though i claim to read anything and everything , I still can’t decipher how i missed his books till this time.None prescribed them for me. While I was browsing through some books in Landmark , my eyes fell ** adding that dramatic effect ** on a book titled ” Seven Ancient Wonders “. And the summary said something about adventure and old myths. And anyone who knows me knows that it’s pretty easy to pull me into reading something related to ” anything which has words like Templar , codes , Jesus , testment and what not “.

From a personal point of view , all the books i have read of his could become really awesome Hollywood flicks.

1. Seven Ancient Wonders

I still believe in the fact that the first thing you know or feel about anything – be it a book or a person – holds true.Or so it has been all my life. Perfect example is Sidney Sheldon. ” The other side of midnight ” was a disaster. Coming to the point , Seven wonders dazzled me. A group  lead by an Australian – Jack West Jr- comprising of merceneries from all around the world who had just one thing in mind – Prevent the European Union or US from getting into what could destroy the whole world or could easily be the source of the greatest power that mankind can harness . Add a little child who can read the ” Word of Thoth” – an ancient language – which could give directions to the locations of the so called ” Seven wonders of the Ancient world ” and a renowned Proffessor who knows everything and anything about the wonders other than the laguage mentioned ** well , he was pretty old too 😉 ** .

The plot gets better and better as you move on and there has been been few books after ” Da Vinci Code ” which could do that . Blame it on Dan for writing such a masterpiece of a book . Apologies for drifting away from the topic often ** can’t get a control it **. Reilly leaves enough questions  unanswered which obviously hinted on a sequel of sorts . The life of protagonist- Jack West Jr – is  the example for it. Shadows of his past are touched upon in the book , which become pivotal in his next book ” Six Sacred Stones “.

I still go by my word – this could make a perfect Hollywood flick .Well since Reilly does screenplay too , its not highly unlikely that a famous production house knocks on his doors. He writes in simple English which when i say means – ” not like the Amitav Ghosh books where you need a dictionary by your side” – atleast for me. And thats an added bonus for me when i just want to know if Pooh Bear , Princess Zoa and Archer could make it. No , i didn’t drift away from the book this time around ;). Read the book and you will know what I mean .

Will be continued……