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Just when i thought , we were not even near the best in the list , IIMI released the new list for Hall of Fame for Klueless 4.

Hall Of Fame

202 . Anoop, Manu Friends , Bangalore 😉
we started four days late to be exact .Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Klueless 4


Anoopwas THE person behind getting me into it while i was trying to choose between two Reilly  novels. 🙂 . Klueless 4  . I still remember the first one , which drained much out of me . This one was much heavier than the first one .There were moments when I was banging my head on the keyboard and some where my sis freaked out when i did the HULA DANCE out of happiness.

On to something else less taxing to my brain like choosing between the before-mentioned novels.