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Pure Awesomeness

Master poe says ” there is no charge for awesomeness ..or attractiveness ” . Would have loved to agree but Apple differs . Had to shell out 34,580 INR for it.There are two things which govern me in my life – Frustration and High-Temper . And when I say ” govern” , it literally makes me do things which I don’t intend to. Friday night saw me succumbing to both. My old mobile-phone , the Nokia 6600 is in a terrible shape and it has a mind of its own. The star key tends to see itself as a star which responds only when it wants to . So unlocking the phone is the best part of the process. Throw the phone on the ground and the star key (*) or the asterics ( i like to call it star key )gets some stimulus and it will decide to let you decide what you want to do. I don’t blame the poor thing  since everyone knows how I handle it. I keep alarm for 5 am ( to sleep ). And i literally throw it away most of the times. And around 7 when i wake up , i have my hands full with pieces of the phone which I magically glue in ( somewhat).

It was apparent that I needed a new phone and I wouldn’t go for less. iPhone as it released an year and half back in US had been my ultimate goal . But , soemthing made me stop myself from buying it – Not something – the price which was humungous . When i learned of the data plans outside , I had a relief. So , this Friday , i paid 34580 INR for the awesomeness.

Noopie gives a name to any gadget of sort he has . I mock him althrough. But , this time around , i decided to go against what i do and name it – AWESOMENESS 😉 ..Aint it Awesome ?

Too Lazy to get my D60 and take a pic as I am tired of sleeping . Will update the post when I like .

The apps are just “Awesome”.