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Batman – Arkham Asylum

Wheelman ( stars Vin deasel)



Crowned the best of the GTA series  , GTA 4 fails to impress PC-users. Rumours ( i believe ’em ) claim that the PC port of the game is burdened with technical issues .

The only thing that annoys me is the price tag – 499 INR . Damn , it’s 2400 for the xbox 360 version. Crap

PS : will udpate when i get more info.

FIFA ’09

I had kept myself away from the FIFA section of the EA franchise for a while now. The last one I tried was ’08 which failed miserably on my friend’s laptop even with a 8600 GT inside. The one I “ PLAYED “ was the ’05 version which had infact become a welcome change in may aspects to the game. I still remember a friend of mine commenting “ The moment they are going to improve the crowd response and the figures – They are going to drain every bit of your card”. Mind you , that was a time when I was trying to figure out how things worked and I had absolutely no idea.

And when I stumbled upon the game in the game store I frequent, I hesitated to give it a try though my friends raved about the demo that came out and expected this one to be a killer. With an Xbox 360 at my disposal, I wasn’t surely going to have trouble with the graphics as it would be optimized to work in it. So the third time I saw it , I just couldn’t give it a pass.My wallet was 2K INR ( around 40 $ ) lighter as per the conversion rates of today.

I was sure of the fact that I will be surprised- and hell I was. So, for some one checking for a veteran FIFA player review, better skip this one.

The visuals are, as I said , mind blowing. The game play is just awesome. It’s harder to score and when you do , you are definitely going to see the replays again and see the beauty of it . The FIFA I was used to had one major problem – Get the ball. SPRINT. SCORE. And it literally destroyed my interest in the game. Accustomed to doing the same , I proceeded with the game and found myself struggling to keep the possession. The whole interface of team management has been literally rejuvenated.The physical aspects of the players has been fully considered with respect to the outcomes . be it a tackle or header. And that was evident when Peter Crouch was continously mocking Essien as they fought for headers.

One thing I have always liked about the game is the amazing commentary that it had. “ The first half had both the teams without scoring a goal – They seem to respect each other’s games” . “ That’s Peter Cech for your Andy. Undoubtedly one of the best goal keepers ever “ and it goes on. J

The first thing you are going to notice in the game as you start is that you are in a sort of a practice session with a goal keeper . This sort of start was something different since all the versions I remember had the EA logo with menu tabs staring at me. J . You can continue to polish your skills with goal scoring in this way. It helped me a lot .

The background music or the boos and cheers in air are so highly detailed that you are never to miss one when you are the pensioners sealing a game with a 2 goal lead against the gunners in the Emirates stadium . I was literally killed on the field by the liverpool and Man-U . 😦

The intro video was a nice one other than the fact I didn’t like Cech getting beaten by Rooney at the end. L

The Adidas live season , the first of its kind ( I guess ) , can keep the player details updated so that the game you play concurs with the true forms of the player currently. It’s a paid service which I think I will be opting to. You can have one league updated for free as you buy the game. I still need to get Anelka the points he deserves than the default 81 he has.

Be-a-pro mode was quite difficult for me to adjust since I haven’t played the game a lot with more than a friend and the confusion of where you are and where you should be still wins me over. You get to create a character , pick your team and get him to finish the objectives which is required to get his ratings up to go to a higher level. Played only a few games and I was drawn to what I was curiously waiting – the arcade style of the game which I so desperately wanted to try. Started with EPL and Chelsea and as I mentioned, the game play was a shocker since the transition from ’05 to ’09 was like asking me to drive an audi after I have been driving an ambassador all my life ( bad comparison ,still ) . As you would have guessed , Chelsea lost bitterly . L


1. Amazing game play or as some one mentioned “Amazingly realistic player movement, collision and ball physics”
2. The initial shooting practice sort of thing was a welcome change from staring the menu.
3. Adidas live season
4. Awesome graphics
5. Andy Gray and Martin Tyler

Cons :

I seriously didn’t see anything to be put under this section and I am glad that way. Though a friend commented a better player faces in previous versions.

A MUST BUY for every footie fans .

9.5/10 ( like I know how to 😉 )

My CrunchGear BFF post

World of Goo

World of Goo is a very original game, in which you basically need to get as many sticky balls (balls of goo as they call it ) to a pipe by building a tower or bridge with em. It’s very stylish, very addicting, very funny and it got a nice soundtrack. Divided into five chapters , the various levels are sure to keep you thinking . Trust me on that. Each level has something unique to it including the soundtrack.

The game world of goo – is developed by the gaming franchise ( run by two people) – 2D boy. The demo of the same is available in gamershell , the link of which is here .

My post in Crunchgear

If gamers ran the world

Came across this wonderful article referred in Crunchgear today and couldn’t stop myself from posting here 🙂

Link :

The Author writes a wonderful and thoughtful piece on today’s games and compares to the qualities which many might earn through those . But my mum still disagrees.

Gears of War 2 – a hit or a miss ?

A Crunchgear bff page review as in the site by moi 🙂 . Click here

It’s natural that any sequel would succumb to the highest sort of pressure when the original is claimed as a “console-seller”. Gears of War 2 was one game which most of the gaming fraternity waited for due to the unimaginable success of the GOW-original all around.
As it was announced “ it would be Bigger , Better and Badass “ . Well, “SLIMIER” too ;)The limited edition merchandise was definitely a great add-on.

1.Game disc and manual
2.Flashback map pack
3.Steel Book Case
4.Bonus DVD
5.Beneath the Surface: An Inside Look at Gears of War2
6.Photo of Dom and Maria
7.Golden Lancer assault rifle for multiplayer 
8.A custom 1 GB USB Flash drive with Gears of War 2 labels. ( Didn’t see this in the official list , though my vendor game me that )

Gears of War 2 takes place six months after the detonation of the Lightmass Bomb at the end of the first game .Jacinto , the last resort of the humans is getting attacked and the Delta Squad is sent in to investigate or should I say clear ‘em all. The witty one liners from Marcus still gave me a chuckle even when I was trying not get squished by the locust attack. Dominic Santiago seems a bit irritated all the while. And as always the Cole-train makes a loud appearance. The game play is pretty neat and the tutorial has been added as if you are training a new soldier into your squad , Benjamin Carmine . The use of an enemy locust as a shield once it’s wounded was a nice thing to add. Well, you always the rush in and kill style. As the achievements mentioned, there were at least 2o ( if I am not mistaken ) ways to kill them. My personal favorite – squish ’em.

The game adds a new one to the list of heavy duty weapons- a Flame Thrower. Though it doesn’t have a great range, it is impressively effective against the smaller creatures in the game and in close encounters.

In a teaser, I read Marcus saying to Dom “ If they can ride ‘em , so can we “. Well , YEAH . They have added vehicles to the game and take my word for it – It doesn’t affect the game badly as many suggested. It just adds some more fun. Killing some locusts with the least effort after you were literally mauled by an army of ‘em in the earlier chapter makes it sweeter a revenge 😉

At the later part of the game , there comes few references on Adam Fenix – Marcus’s Dad . And the locust-queen ** Yeah , there is a queen ** states the same as she asks if he is Adam’s son. This infact made me wonder if there would be another one in the series , one dwelling into the past of Marcus ?. Though the game finishes with nothing in place for a sequel , I wish they did put something in the story line that made that possible. You never know 🙂

Some among the list of enemies you fight –

5.The Hydra – Reaver of Skorge , the queen’s accomplice.
6.And the usual small creatures , the names of which I forgot.


1.The game is a visual delight as you can clearly see that they nearly drained everything out of that Unreal 3 Engine.
2.“If it aint broke, why fix it or change it? “. The same goes for the game play which Epic stuck to. The game play was one factor which put me and many I know into a trance in the original. And they seem to carry it off very well with the sequel too.
3.The game’s background score was absolutely terrific. Steve Jablonsky delivers it so big that you realize the effort they put in to the various aspects of the game these days. Waiting for the same to hit the stores.
4.Meat shields – Don’t you love ‘em.
5.More and more chainsaw action
6.John DiMaggio
7.The camera angles in the multiplayer mode has been improved .

Cons :

1.Reported to have frame rate issues in the multiplayer, which I am clueless since I always have a lag due to the condition of broadband here 😦 .
2.Though the game progresses well with the story line, the ending seemed to be a big letdown.
3.The game when loading flashes the message “Hammer of Dawn can be used only in good lighting conditions ** or something similar** “and so I was waiting to hear ‘em ask me to use it whenever I got out into the open. Was a bit disappointed to use it only at the end and that too for like a sec or two.
4.AI seemed to be lost sometimes. As a friend mentioned about getting killed numerous times on a stage when he was crawling and screaming to his squad to revive him. They stood still it seems.

I would still give the game a 9/10 as the ones in the cons list don’t seem to bother you once start playing. **Ironically, the end does **.
A must buy for any one – a hardcore FPS gamer or a casual gamer who loves to play along his buddies.

It’s the first review I am writing for any game and so please pardon me for the style or the way it’s written.

“THE” pics

Delta Squad is back ..Fenix is irritated ( as always ) …Dom is pissed ..Cole Train and Baird hate the glow..and its bigger ..better ..and slimier ..

Dom & Marie


1Gb custom Gears of War 2 USB Flash drivedsc_0084

The case !dsc_0088

The whole package ( Yeah ..trying to capture a shot worth the D-60 i was holding )dsc_0093

Come , impress me..


I am an Xbox-fanboi.Even after numerous visits to the Sony world’s and playing like 20 hours with friends , i am still to like the PS3.Yes , the console looks sleek and embeds the best in there . After all its Sony. But the obvious reasons for me to reject were two :

1.It was around 40,000 first time around and i didn’t think it was worth that. Its 24,000 now.

2.I didn’t like the controller.Something about it was not so catchy. I consider my xbox controller and eye-candy.

Many gaming franchises have opted out of the PS3 platform and  it gave me another reason  not to go for it. The main reason for this blog is something else.;)

Sony is trying to woo the gaming fraternity in India with ” Playstation Experience ’08 ‘  . And well , this time around , its in Bangalore. Apologies if there were any before , coz i never heard of any.Am gonna be there as it is a weekend.

Venue: Kormangala Indoor Stadium

Dates : 15th and 16th of November

Nov 7 – double bonanza

Just when I was running out of ideas to get that DVD of Gears Of War 2 , I thought of giving it a shot in my fav computer store – Glasgow computers. Run by a nice fellow , with folks helping you in decide the next good thing.

9:50 am :

I enter the shop and see him reciting Koran and hence stay away from the counter trying not to disturb him .Gets the DVD of Dead Space ( I hate EA..still ) . ” Din find anything else interesting in there ?”. Asks him . ” yeah , would love to have my hands on GOW2 . Its releasing on …”. Couldn’t complete it when he started “Nov 7. Next friday. Will keep a copy for you if you need.”

State of Mind : Exhilarated.

Quantum Of Solace is releasing on 7th as well . Its been a while something like this turned up ;).