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Blues :(

Lost hope (.)


No change

Blues dissappointed with a draw againt Westham which could have swung the WestHam way many a times . Liverpool still ahead by one point and ManU behind by 5 points and one game less 😦

PS: Scholari better remind Mr.Anderson Luis de Souza aka Deco about his transfer amount.

Raining Goals

Liverpool held by Hull in a heck of a match where both teams attacked so much that it was a pleasure to watch . And Sunderland after the exit of Roby Keane , WINS ; that too 4 -0 . Arsenal held by midd’ough

Results :

Middlesbrough 1 – 1 Arsenal
Aston Villa 4 – 2 Bolton
Wigan 3 – 0 Blackburn
Sunderland 4 – 0 West Brom
Stoke 0 – 0 Fulham
Man City 0 – 1 Everton
Liverpool 2 – 2 Hull

Pretty 🙂 ..Blues need a win to get on top

Update : Manchester United fails to Score against Spurs 🙂 .. 0-0 ..Blues ..we need a win ‘morrow

Blues !

Blues lose to Gunners at Stamford Bridge in a match where none of the home team could shake the opponents net. The final score was 1-2 for Arsenal with the one goal for Chelsea coming in as an own goal by Djuouru. Van Persie was allowed enough room twice and Cech wasn’t able to check him properly . Result – two smashing goals from his boot. Well , Chelsea was without their four best players – Drogba , Essien , Carvalho and J.Cole.

Though Lampard , Bosingwa and Kaluo tried a lot , the game was lost already. Anelka seemed like losing grip most of the time and Deco seemed lost . To add to the fury , Ballack missed a 17 m freekick right in front of Arsenal’s post.

Chelsea’s record of not conceding a goal in the second half in this EPL is thus gone.

PS : The game against Beaurdox was a nasty one too ending up in a draw. 😦 .

Man-U steers over Man-C by one goal scored by Roonie and well Ronaldo was red-carded. Though i personally hate him , i thought the decision to sent him off was a bit rash. Hart ( Man-C’s Goalkeeper) seemed to enjoy the last run he had to make 😉

As of Nov 12th



Saturday 18th October 2008
Venue: The Riverside Stadium
Kick-off: 12:45

Middlsebrough Vs Chelsea
Score:  0 – 5

Despite missing the likes of Petr Cech, Didier Drogba and Ashley and Joe Cole, the Blues were in rampant form at the Riverside Stadium to condemn Boro to the heaviest defeat of Gareth Southgate’s reign.