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FIFA ’09

I had kept myself away from the FIFA section of the EA franchise for a while now. The last one I tried was ’08 which failed miserably on my friend’s laptop even with a 8600 GT inside. The one I “ PLAYED “ was the ’05 version which had infact become a welcome change in may aspects to the game. I still remember a friend of mine commenting “ The moment they are going to improve the crowd response and the figures – They are going to drain every bit of your card”. Mind you , that was a time when I was trying to figure out how things worked and I had absolutely no idea.

And when I stumbled upon the game in the game store I frequent, I hesitated to give it a try though my friends raved about the demo that came out and expected this one to be a killer. With an Xbox 360 at my disposal, I wasn’t surely going to have trouble with the graphics as it would be optimized to work in it. So the third time I saw it , I just couldn’t give it a pass.My wallet was 2K INR ( around 40 $ ) lighter as per the conversion rates of today.

I was sure of the fact that I will be surprised- and hell I was. So, for some one checking for a veteran FIFA player review, better skip this one.

The visuals are, as I said , mind blowing. The game play is just awesome. It’s harder to score and when you do , you are definitely going to see the replays again and see the beauty of it . The FIFA I was used to had one major problem – Get the ball. SPRINT. SCORE. And it literally destroyed my interest in the game. Accustomed to doing the same , I proceeded with the game and found myself struggling to keep the possession. The whole interface of team management has been literally rejuvenated.The physical aspects of the players has been fully considered with respect to the outcomes . be it a tackle or header. And that was evident when Peter Crouch was continously mocking Essien as they fought for headers.

One thing I have always liked about the game is the amazing commentary that it had. “ The first half had both the teams without scoring a goal – They seem to respect each other’s games” . “ That’s Peter Cech for your Andy. Undoubtedly one of the best goal keepers ever “ and it goes on. J

The first thing you are going to notice in the game as you start is that you are in a sort of a practice session with a goal keeper . This sort of start was something different since all the versions I remember had the EA logo with menu tabs staring at me. J . You can continue to polish your skills with goal scoring in this way. It helped me a lot .

The background music or the boos and cheers in air are so highly detailed that you are never to miss one when you are the pensioners sealing a game with a 2 goal lead against the gunners in the Emirates stadium . I was literally killed on the field by the liverpool and Man-U . 😦

The intro video was a nice one other than the fact I didn’t like Cech getting beaten by Rooney at the end. L

The Adidas live season , the first of its kind ( I guess ) , can keep the player details updated so that the game you play concurs with the true forms of the player currently. It’s a paid service which I think I will be opting to. You can have one league updated for free as you buy the game. I still need to get Anelka the points he deserves than the default 81 he has.

Be-a-pro mode was quite difficult for me to adjust since I haven’t played the game a lot with more than a friend and the confusion of where you are and where you should be still wins me over. You get to create a character , pick your team and get him to finish the objectives which is required to get his ratings up to go to a higher level. Played only a few games and I was drawn to what I was curiously waiting – the arcade style of the game which I so desperately wanted to try. Started with EPL and Chelsea and as I mentioned, the game play was a shocker since the transition from ’05 to ’09 was like asking me to drive an audi after I have been driving an ambassador all my life ( bad comparison ,still ) . As you would have guessed , Chelsea lost bitterly . L


1. Amazing game play or as some one mentioned “Amazingly realistic player movement, collision and ball physics”
2. The initial shooting practice sort of thing was a welcome change from staring the menu.
3. Adidas live season
4. Awesome graphics
5. Andy Gray and Martin Tyler

Cons :

I seriously didn’t see anything to be put under this section and I am glad that way. Though a friend commented a better player faces in previous versions.

A MUST BUY for every footie fans .

9.5/10 ( like I know how to 😉 )

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