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Mikey Wax – Another Youtube find

Youtube has been doing its share of promoting singers giving them a platform to release their music and they have been pretty good at it . Look at Marie Digbie ( she is adorable ) and that girl who sung Tears in heaven ( Though she destroyed it with the unnecessary pitch changes and added sensuality ) . Mikey Wax is a singer/Song writer from NY . He has been releasing bits and pieces of music in youtube from some time. And when he added me in youtube , i wondered why. I sent him a message stating he had a good voice and all that . And to that he replied . That was un-expected since the golden rule says ” THEY DON’T REPLY ” . And hence i made it a point to make him recognized among the crowd of music lovers i know . Yeah , with a price . That i would claim I am his friend . 🙂

A heavenly voice which has a certain soothing effect and well yeah ..he is handsome ..Aint we searching for some one who can replace John Mayer ?..He is the answer ..

If you like his music , go buy it here .

Album : Change again
Singer : Mikey Wax

Tracklist :
1 Slow Motion
2 In Case I Go Again
3 Hourglass (Time Will Find a Way)
4 Twisted Fate
5 Yes
6 Love Light (Triad)
7 Change Your Mind
8 With You Goes
9 Last Great Song
10 Cedars Bay
11 Nice to Meet You
12 Taxi Driver
13 Wait By the Door