About me

Quite many identities owing to the process of drifting that i succumb to …A gamer who avidly wants to own that dream rig ..A software tester who always dreamt of being a  game tester …An addicted orkut-er if there is a word like that …A poet who fails to find fill in those verses..An engineer who wanted to test the Mclaren F1 engine …An infidel whose Gods are Agnus Young , Bruce Dickinson and Bruce Springsteen…A music aficionado Who always dreamt of Holding that Fender while his band played the marching tune ..

Nicks : V@mp!r3, Cheezespread , Festivallyplump ** yeah, i know the spelling is incorrect**


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  1. --xh-- on

    …and one of the best guys I have ever seen

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