Ubuntu rebranded

Ubuntu, the Linux distribution is going for a major revamp with the new release touted for April – Lucid Lynx. They are giving up the brown – yes , you heard it right . They are replacing the base theme from Human to “Light”. The move , which was highlighted in the Alpha 3 ( I suppose ) should be their answer to the long prevailing outcry “ Out of all the colors , why Brown ? “. But , being used to it from a while , I am rather ok with brown – seems a little more human 😉
But the new logo which they have published has had some issues in the internet world which made comments which Mark or Matt Asay would never have thought about- Racism . It is too heavy a topic for me to dwell into. Some are claiming it as the narrow-mindedness that many people have about these stuff and as an attempt to deface the move. Canonical was already under fire over their switch from Google to Yahoo as the default search engine in their next release. Coming to think of it Lucid Lynx ends up being very important for many reasons. LTS (Long Term Support) – will be supported till next LTS comes in and updates will be available without any issue.

  • Rebranded Ubuntu – https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Brand
  • Search engine from G to Y!
  • Matt Asay as the new COO.
  • v Ubuntu Music centre with 7digital integrated to Rhythmbox.
  • Iphone and Ipod touch working without tweaking, without jailbreaking, without patching – with Nautilus and Rythmbox. ( Already working in Alpha 3 as I heard ) – That’s a good one 😉

Edit : Forgot to add this one. Shuttleworth was approached by the LXDE team earlier last year with a proposition of adding a light weight Ubuntu ( Xubuntu is a waste – though its called light weight ) and it seems to have materiliased since the repos already have a “lxde-desktop” added. I tried the same and found it awesomely fast .

I didn’t like one thing though – the default GNOME network manager gets replaced by LXDE one . ( not sure of the name though ) – Could be purged and gnome network manager can be added without much issue. But I didn’t like the default behavior.


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