It’s been a while i have written something over this space. Not that I didn’t get any time for it. Just being plain lazy.Life remains monotonous other than for a few moments where you are elated or dismayed due to a reason or another.

  • Tried Lubuntu-desktop over the gnome installation and found it to be faster as they say . Xubuntu sucks to be honest. Too many of *buntu’s to choose from.
  • Removed Windows for good after some thought. Yes , I do have the privilege of 7 running in another machine which is used only for syncing my Iphone and running that wretched software of Apple’s called iTunes.
  • Valentine’s day is over and our old friend Muthalik was back making special appearance at some places. My question towards both the lovers and Muthalik – Why one day ? 😉
  • My i(Phone & Pod) are getting fast filled with high quality podcasts than songs.If you see me laughing over nothing with the earphones plugged in – be sure I am listening to Fab & Dan. They are Effing Awesome.
  • Downloading a lot of free songs from Jamendo these days as the quality of songs has been on the higher side . If you love the service , do drop a dime – Though they aren’t pleading for donation ( even when they need it – seems stupid )
  • Hathway seems to have decided not to restore ESPN & Star Sports to their channel list .They will have some angry customers. I have been knocking the door ( well, breaking would be the apt word ) of the local Hathway customer service and they are blurting one thing only – ” One more week sir. Committe meeting . New Packages – Surely sports channel included “. Guess I need another service.
  • Standing at a total weight loss of 32.5 kg after an year ( not the best ones if you ask me ).
  • iPad – Why Jobs? Why ?
  • Pros of taking a call which you know is from a customer care number – Airtel upped my broadband speed to 1Mbps for an added 100Rs into my account .I don’t see the catch till now.

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