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Till now

Been like what — half an year now sine i came here 😉 ..

Well ..I dunno how to start again and so thinks its better as if i have been writing even yesterday and that I am just continuing like another twitter post !.. God ..So many people have joined twitter .. and some blame it for not allowing more than 140 chars ..

1.Most of Indian techno crowd don’t see a difference between a netbook and a notebook/laptop for that matter. And many a firms are exploiting it .
2.The new rule from RBI landed me in trouble when i booked a ticket online in PVR . The way the booking works in PVR , you are required to swipe the card to get the tickets booked against the card . I was sure something ugly is going to happen. As i expected , “ No Bookings found for this card “ . Approached the PVR admin there – Alan ( I suppose ) — and he was quick to admit the flaw and said they are looking into it. And thanked for pointing it out when he understood the situation . Lesson learnt : Book using your debit card / if you have to use your CC , be sure to reach the cinemas atleast 30 mins before so you can avoid the hassle 😉
3.Left Orkut !
4.Been using twitter client on Iphone ( Twitterific) for nearly a year now. And the last few months saw a huge shift of number into twitter among the faces i recognize through internet.
5.The Iphone is still alive though i still wonder how much more it can take in my hands
6.Been getting marriage invitations like pamphlets for that new restaurant which opened near your house. Having said that , any one staying near to HAL , there is an Onam special festival in Malgudi till Sept 6th
7.Terry & Lamp gave a scare nearing the start of the season. The new formation is a bit confusing to all , as the pundits say . Saw a screamer of a goal from the Cote’ De Ivoire Captain against Hull ( was it Hull ? ) at the 92nd min
8.The giants from Anfield have already lost two !.. What the heck
9.Alienware starts @ 1.49 lacs ( my b’day is nearing . Any one wanna present ? )
10.Running only Ubuntu now. The only problem is with importing songs to my Iphone. Using sis’s lappie for it 😦 .