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an effort to see something different -which failed



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Count Your Blessings

It’s a daily routine for us couple of friends to have a cuppa around 11:30 everyday and today was no different. Me and Anil were contemplating on our fate and the way we were getting paid and similar stuff. We certainly did a round of blame on all our supervisors and managers and the others in the heirarchy in the organization. ” Oye , Wo rassi dekhna thoda ” . The voice was a bit bleak and only then we realised that we were standing on a piece of rope which was heading out into the air , towards the outside portion of the building. What could this be now ?.

After a few minutes there emerges a hand followed by a lean body with a shirt which was literally torn and had paint all over it. The condition of his trousers were no less pathetic. We understood his name was Ram as he was being called so by his friend who was helping him with the rope. He gets off the slightly projected portion of the building and stands there for a sec or two , basking the glory of the sun above him though the cold breezes surely hit his diminuitive figure. He is one step away from falling into the ground. As we stare at him with amazement he smiles at us and moves on to untie the rope that was held on to a metal pipe- his only resort to safety.

Its 2:30 pm and we had our lunch and we went to the same place where we could easily see half of bangalore as if we watching some business presentations – bar graphs and similar sort. 😉 . A voice calls out . A voice that’s familiar and we look around and we see the rope lying a bit away from where it was earlier. He has moved on to the next portion of the building.In that situation , thinking of that kid in the blazing sun with a small rope as his safety measure was too much for both of us. And we feel we are in a fix while sitting in that chair of ours discussing about new policies or new trackers we need to fill . I started feel these words echoing ” Count your blessings “.