While I and Noopie contemplate , its not rare that these things come out. We would like to know if a cipher of this type exists.

The cipher is based on the lengths of the words in plain text. The first word will be ciphered using the number of letters in the second word in the plain text. For example :

I am a good boy.

First word : I
Second word : am ( 2 bits )

Ciphered text would look like this : k bn e jrrg cpz. 🙂 ..Breaking the rule of ciphers by Bacon.

Transposition the letters to a word in the plain text with the number of bits in the next word .But this adds a problem with a single word .

If the plaintext is a single word , we don’t have a second word to cipher the first 🙂

2nd one

What if the key is the fibonacci series ?. The first word creates problem there too . “0” being the first in the series , the plain text remains as text 😦


5 comments so far

  1. Winnie the poohi on

    For single word.. we can use some existing cipher na ?

    a combination of 2 cipher should work 🙂

  2. cheezespread on

    Cant !. Just for a single word ?. That could sound absurd 😦 ..Thanks for the comment ..Winnie ..suna suna sa nam hain !

  3. cheezespread on

    Wait ,.how about the single worded messages be crypted by the length of that single word ..

    Ege : unison(6 bits)

    key : transposition by 6 ..yaaay

  4. Winnie the poohi on

    I guess that would be easy to decode na ?

    @naam.. well I guess you have watched your cartoon really well 😛 😛

  5. cheezespread on

    am addicted to quite few things still now – one will be Cartoon network and similar ones 😉 ..

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