Untitled – An attempt to write ..

Tell me the one reason that made you decide on breaking up “.Nisha didn’t even blink as she pressed this question over Siddharth. The restaurant was filling up and I didn’t have enough courage to say a word. I was the one who owes an explanation; to her , to their friends , to their parents back home. It was like a million eyes staring at your face or should I the movement of your lips.

The long-followed traditions of a break-up followed. She was searching in her bag for something. Seems to be a book ; the same September edition of the book “ Da Vinci Code “ which I had given her . Followed by a necklace, which in any other girl’s eyes would be one of the worst. A pressed rose which I had presented her on her birthday ; from her hostel garden. All these moments flashed as a movie as I looked through them.

I don’t know how to tell this . I think its best for you to be with some one else since my family didn’t really like the idea of us being together. Don’t ask me more. I don’t want to be a retard who threw you off from his life for no reason. I have my reasons .Some I can’t explain.” I murmured. The girl in the corner seat seemed pretty interested in what was going on in our table since it was a perfect setup for a break-up; or a small fight. The intensity which she threw the things around the table made many a one around curious. “ Its my life too. So I think I do have the right to know why ?”Nisha was controlling her tears till now. “You know something ?.My friends won’t even let me stay alone thinking I would do something bad . I know I won’t.” Strangely those words fell on me like a gentle breeze which comforted me in a bizarre way. I still cared for her.

“ Look into my eyes when I talk , Sid. I fucking loved you for five years. Don’t you think that I deserve to know at least this?” I sensed that many a people around were actually looking at our table while they talked.

It was only then that I realised that she was wearing the jeans with that red top , which I had asked her to wear so many times . But she didn’t until now. “Did she wear it purposely? “ . She smelled so beautiful; of a bathing soap which I know she uses. Her eyes seemed to have lost that shine. She was in a perfect state of distress.

If you still don’t have anything to say ; we better leave “. The whole idea of meeting in person was her’s. I was sure that I wouldn’t, in my normal sense, be able to face her. She lifted her hand bag and straightened her hair and gave me a last look. Those eyes , for which I fell in love , said so many things and a final node of head asking ‘ WHY ‘ . She left the restaurant and I sat there motionless. My heart was inching for a final glance. I left the restaurant and searched the place to see her walking away into the crowd.

Dad , you don’t have to talk to her parents . We broke-up. Don’t ask me anything more”. With that I pressed the red button on the right side of my mobile ; END CALL.


3 comments so far

  1. aNoop aka --xh-- on

    sometimes, reasons are hard to explain…

  2. Anonymous on

    An attempt to write or an attempt to explain?

  3. cheezespread on

    If it were to be titled , well ..yeah ..attempt to explain..I mentioned the November series ..and hence the title ..

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