Quantum of Solace

User reviews out for the movie released exclusively in UK on 31st Oct. 😦

I felt as though the action, acting and cinematography are of a high standard, however the story line was a little unfocused. There was a lack of substance to the script and nothing really lead onto the next scene, a very scattered story line with too many characters in such a small space of time. Craig played Bond as brutal as in Casino Royale, which I felt needed to be reverted back to the smooth Bond previously seen in the series. The only characteristics of the movie that could class it as a Bond movie are the names of the characters; no Q, no Bond cars, no real evil villain. We’ve had Bond finding himself in Casino, now let him be Bond and not Bourne.

Source : imdb


2 comments so far

  1. aNoop aka --xh-- on

    no bond cars??? 😦

  2. cheezespread on

    I saw the trailer with him in a Ford ** i think**

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