The day that was

Well , I NEVER PLAN A THING. I have been quite successful with that too . And when of all the days , i decided to write soemthing on a piece of paper so that i don’t forget it ** i still dont see it as planning ** , all the things i wrote down went to the drains literally.

List goes like this :

1.Walk into HDFC back and throw them back their money . – as in credit card payment

HDFC bank decided to give themselves an off today and i ended up feeling like an idiot waiting for them to open the damn branch office.

2.Get to the DC books store in Indira Nagar


3. Walked a few minutes to get to Sony world , 100 ft Rd to get the new GOW ( God Of War – PSP version)

Even when the company had dropped the price to 999, the sony world inc decided to sell it ar 1499 only. I couldn’t argue more to the reasons i heard.

4. Went to Crossword

Opens at 10:30 .  was there by 9:45 and so ..nothing for another 45 min.

5.Crossword opens and I enter . Books all over . I fill my carrybag with enough of them to satisfy my …whatever.


2 comments so far

  1. --xh-- on

    the DC books @ koramangala store more malayalam books than the one at CMH road.

  2. cheezespread on

    No…wasn’t looking for any Malayalam books 🙂

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