Nov 7 – double bonanza

Just when I was running out of ideas to get that DVD of Gears Of War 2 , I thought of giving it a shot in my fav computer store – Glasgow computers. Run by a nice fellow , with folks helping you in decide the next good thing.

9:50 am :

I enter the shop and see him reciting Koran and hence stay away from the counter trying not to disturb him .Gets the DVD of Dead Space ( I hate EA..still ) . ” Din find anything else interesting in there ?”. Asks him . ” yeah , would love to have my hands on GOW2 . Its releasing on …”. Couldn’t complete it when he started “Nov 7. Next friday. Will keep a copy for you if you need.”

State of Mind : Exhilarated.

Quantum Of Solace is releasing on 7th as well . Its been a while something like this turned up ;).


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