2010 without the scarlet madness ?

Ferrari threatens to quit over spec-engine rules . News has spread all over the internet keeping many fanboi’s  biting their nails .Let’s see if they can make FIA do something about it.


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  1. fifthdecade on

    It is possible of course that Ferrari were planning to give up anyway, and this just gives them nice cover so they can blame someone else. There’s bound to be something else happening behind the scenes though – is it merely a means to keep Ferrari from influencing the stewards at the one title-deciding race left?

  2. --xh-- on

    hope it never happens… if Ferrari pulls out, a big part of the charm of F1 will go ka boom… Hope they and FIA can reach on some agreements…

  3. cheezespread on

    Its about a sole Engine spec for all the teams , right . In that scene , i dont think Ferrari is gonna re-think on accepting it. Well , whats with the Constructors championship too with all these introduced?.

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