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Fix for Linux kernel 2.6.27 regression in Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex)

After Yesterday (30th October 2008) Ubuntu 8.10 release a regression was discovered in Linux kernel version 2.6.27 packages.

Details about Linux kernel regression

Version 2.6.27 of the Linux kernel changed the order of options in TCP headers. While this change was RFC-compliant, it was found that some old routers and consumer DSL modems would not route traffic for these systems when TCP timestamps were enabled. As a workaround, TCP timestamps were disabled via sysctl.


The problem can be corrected by upgrading your system to the following package versions:

Ubuntu 8.10:

linux-image-2.6.27-7-generic 2.6.27-7.15
linux-image-2.6.27-7-server 2.6.27-7.15
linux-image-2.6.27-7-virtual 2.6.27-7.15
procps 1:3.2.7-9ubuntu2.1

sudo aptitude update

sudo aptitude dist-upgrade

After a standard system upgrade you need to reboot your computer to effect the necessary changes.

Source : Ubuntu Geek



Not sure how far i would go with this alone and that too drunk . Try this !

My Angel

An unlikely angel
Yeah, that’s who she was
Draped in black
Like a looming darkness
The wings hidden from the world
Or were they cut away?
The halo had lost its shine
Like just another thing that “was”
Held tight in her soft hands
A pen in the other
Where a wand should be
An unlikely angel
Yeah, that’s who she was.

Warned you what a peg of whiskey can do :)..

Klueless 4


Anoopwas THE person behind getting me into it while i was trying to choose between two Reilly  novels. 🙂 . Klueless 4  . I still remember the first one , which drained much out of me . This one was much heavier than the first one .There were moments when I was banging my head on the keyboard and some where my sis freaked out when i did the HULA DANCE out of happiness.

On to something else less taxing to my brain like choosing between the before-mentioned novels.

Intrepid Ibex

The next release from Ubuntu has hit the PC’s . 🙂 . The ” Itrepid Ibex “. Typing this after a upgrade from the 8.04 LTS version to the 8.10. The upgrade was smooth. The drivers for Nvidia were showing some errors which infact hasn’t caused any problems as of now. Will see that later. The best surprise was when i opened my mailbox – not the e-mail . The post one . Got my free edition of 8.04 LTS neatly wrapped with Ubuntu stickers ..Canonical guys …YOU MADE MY DAY 🙂

Gmail – openId

Your Gmail account is now an Open id. The sites or API’s which accept open id’s helps you to login using your gmail account verification to that API without requiring a specific id for that site.

Yahoo was already one , and very few knew it ;). As many commented , Y! and G are going to be the providers only.

Read more about the same on Google-Code-Updates

Nov 7 – double bonanza

Just when I was running out of ideas to get that DVD of Gears Of War 2 , I thought of giving it a shot in my fav computer store – Glasgow computers. Run by a nice fellow , with folks helping you in decide the next good thing.

9:50 am :

I enter the shop and see him reciting Koran and hence stay away from the counter trying not to disturb him .Gets the DVD of Dead Space ( I hate EA..still ) . ” Din find anything else interesting in there ?”. Asks him . ” yeah , would love to have my hands on GOW2 . Its releasing on …”. Couldn’t complete it when he started “Nov 7. Next friday. Will keep a copy for you if you need.”

State of Mind : Exhilarated.

Quantum Of Solace is releasing on 7th as well . Its been a while something like this turned up ;).

The day that was

Well , I NEVER PLAN A THING. I have been quite successful with that too . And when of all the days , i decided to write soemthing on a piece of paper so that i don’t forget it ** i still dont see it as planning ** , all the things i wrote down went to the drains literally.

List goes like this :

1.Walk into HDFC back and throw them back their money . – as in credit card payment

HDFC bank decided to give themselves an off today and i ended up feeling like an idiot waiting for them to open the damn branch office.

2.Get to the DC books store in Indira Nagar


3. Walked a few minutes to get to Sony world , 100 ft Rd to get the new GOW ( God Of War – PSP version)

Even when the company had dropped the price to 999, the sony world inc decided to sell it ar 1499 only. I couldn’t argue more to the reasons i heard.

4. Went to Crossword

Opens at 10:30 .  was there by 9:45 and so ..nothing for another 45 min.

5.Crossword opens and I enter . Books all over . I fill my carrybag with enough of them to satisfy my …whatever.

2010 without the scarlet madness ?

Ferrari threatens to quit over spec-engine rules . News has spread all over the internet keeping many fanboi’s  biting their nails .Let’s see if they can make FIA do something about it.


I would definitely like to see the calculator that Apple is using. The announced price for Apple’s new MAC were from 899$ to something around 1699$. And the prices in India start from what ?… 79700 INR ?. Even with today’s rupee-$exchange rate , it comes to 50,000INR . I seriously don’t understand why it has to be hard on us poor Indian’s always !